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Attic Tent Lowers Energy Bills

ATTIC TENT Lowers Energy Bills

What a great way to seal off your attic from your home! You can save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bill just by installing the Attic Tent ®.

South East Texas temperatures in the summer can reach unbearable heights, especially in the attic. We can guard your home against those high attic temperatures by sealing the attic door with an Attic Tent®. It insulates and seals folding attic stairs, knee wall doors, attic scuttle doors, and full-size doors up to 35″ wide.

The Attic Tent® comes in a wide variety of sizes for a perfect fit and can dramatically reduce air transfer in and out of the home by up to 71%. That’s money out of your pocket. It has convenient zippers that allow safe & easy access and fits most standard folding attic stair sizes.

The Attic Tent® also comes with a full 2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects of any type from the day of purchase.


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The Attic Tent® will help improve indoor air quality by keeping out insulation and dust particles from your living areas.

If you live in the Northwest Houston area and are interested in sealing your attic and saving money, contact us today about installing an Attic Tent® in your home.

We also serve The Woodlands, Magnolia, Conroe, Montgomery, New Waverly, Waverly, Huntsville, Wallis and Texas.