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5 Signs You Need Heating Repair Services

As winter approaches, it is important to be aware of the signs that your heating system requires maintenance. Even while modern heating systems are more dependable and have a longer predicted lifespan, they are nevertheless subject to failure if not properly maintained. 

The only way to increase the estimated lifespan of your heating system is through annual maintenance after heating installation in Montgomery. Fixing a broken heater may be costly and inconvenient, so it is always wise to discover any potential issues as quickly as possible.

Common Signs That It Is Time For Heater Repair

Burning Odor

A common sign requiring heating repair in Montgomery, TX, is the formation of a rotten and burning odor. You need a heating repair if you sense an unusual smell as soon as you switch on the heating system.

This burning odor may indicate that a component of the heating system has become dysfunctional or damaged. There is also the risk that your heating system’s rubber or plastic component has caught fire.

Strange Noises

If your heater produces strange noises, there may be something wrong. To be safe, contact AC Max for heating repair or heat pump replacement in Montgomery, TX.

The blower wheel or fan blades making contact with an object cause noises. Over time, the rotor blades of your blower wheel may become crooked or otherwise damaged. The heater can generate a knocking sound if something is struck while it is functioning.

Burner's Flame Turns Yellow

Everyone is familiar with the blue flame that emanates from the gas furnace burner. If your heater burner flame is yellow instead of blue, there may be a problem. Yellow flames can detect carbon monoxide in the home, which is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas.

If you observe that the flame of your gas heater is turning yellow, contact AC Max for heating installation in Montgomery, right away. You must immediately leave if you are at home and experiencing signs such as dizziness or fatigue.

Hot And Cold Spots

The heat is on, but as you walk around the house, you notice cold regions where the heat does not seem to reach as effectively as it should. After ensuring that all ducts are open, if you still feel cold in specific locations despite having checked that all vents are open, this is a sign that your heating system is not operating correctly.

Not only hot sections or rooms are an indication that your HVAC system requires maintenance, but it can also increase monthly power expenditures. You may call for a heating repair or heat pump replacement in Montgomery, TX, if the problem persists.

Substandard Air Quality

Regardless of how well you clean your home, if the air still appears hazy or dusty, this shows something is wrong. It is especially important to remember if you or other family members have only recently begun experiencing respiratory disorder or asthma.

It is possible that dust, mildew, and other potentially harmful pollutants or allergens are being distributed throughout your home by a malfunctioning furnace. In this situation, you should initially change the filter on your furnace; however, if this does not resolve the issue, you should immediately contact AC Max for heating repair in Montgomery, TX.


The heater’s proper operation must undergo routine checks. Consider a complete heating system check if you are tired of repairing your heater regularly. Contact AC Max immediately if you need heating repairs, upgrades, or installs.